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Of all Australia’s venomous animals, perhaps surprisingly, it’s bees and wasps that pose the biggest threat to humans. Together, they cause more than twice the number of admissions to hospital as snake bites and the same number of deaths. What’s more, over half the deaths from bites and stings between 2000 and 2013 were the result of anaphylactic shock.

Know your enemy.

Of the two, the biggest problem is wasps, which pose an extreme health and safety risk to both humans and animals. Generally, they’ll only react if you disturb them or get close to their nest. The problem is you may not know where the nest is. Certain species can then strike as a group, with a prolonged attack resulting in multiple painful stings.

Bees, however, are rarely a pest and are less likely to sting. They are also a very important part of our natural ecosystem. As pollinators, they help to grow new trees, flowers and plants. Without bees, many crops would fail to produce.

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How we’ll protect you.

Marks Pest Management Services can eradicate wasps safely and quickly. But we will not destroy Australian native bees. Instead, we have a qualified beekeeper, who will remove them from your property and take them to a place where they can continue their valuable work away from you and harm.

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