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Faecal deposits from birds, bats or rodents

Rodents, pest birds and bats can be enough of a problem when they eat your food, stock, crops, fruit or stores. But the deposits they leave after all that’s been digested creates an even bigger problem with a huge health risk to humans and pets.

Through their faeces alone, rodents can spread over 35 serious diseases, whilst that of most common bird species incorporates well over 40 known diseases and deadly bacteria. As for fruit bats, their faeces not only spreads disease but it also causes severe damage to property and infrastructure. None of which is visually appealing, either.

faecal deposits from birds bats or rodents

How we’ll protect you.

Marks Pest Management Services can safely and effectively remove all animal/pest faecal matter from your property and infrastructure. Not only do we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, but also industry best-practices including bio-hazard protection for our staff and any nearby persons/animals and livestock.

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