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For the management of pest bird species, pest bird trapping, pest bird eradication, bird-proofing, cleaning of bird faecal matter, or cleaning and bird-proofing industrial facilities and solar panels.

Our bird control services.

Marks Pest Management Services can deal with the problems caused by pest bird species in both commercial and domestic environments, including:

  • pest bird trapping
  • pest bird eradication
  • bird-proofing
  • cleaning of bird faecal matter, and
  • cleaning and bird-proofing industrial facilities and solar panels.
birds control sydney

Are you at risk of air attack?

Infestations of pest birds can cause substantial property damage, financial loss, and health and safety issues, as well as making the whole place look unsightly. And because birds have a natural homing instinct, they can be mighty hard to evict. That’s where we come in.

Know your enemy

Birds like to make their nests in the most cramped, inaccessible spots. Flat roofs, vents, balconies, and around airconditioners are all ideal. They’ll usually make their presence known with constant chirping and debris from the nest, not to mention the droppings. You may also find your fruit and vegies have a bite taken out of them, with the rest left to perish.

How we’ll protect your nest.

Once we identify the species and the location, we can offer flexible and enduring solutions customised to your needs. This can include such cost-effective measures as netting, spikes, a shock track and/or bird scarers, amongst others. The goal is to create an environment that is unappealing for the birds to reside in and one that’s much more pleasant for you.

If we need to trap birds – and they aren’t introduced or feral species – our aim is always to move them harmlessly to a suitable habitat from which they won’t return, bearing in mind their dietary requirements and behavioural habits. And all within a budget you can afford.

Call us now to discuss how we can put your birds to flight and save your property from damage.

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