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In the old ad for a popular insecticide spray, the jingle labelled Louis the Fly as “spreading disease with the greatest of ease” and, as glib as that sounds, it’s deadly accurate. Carrying everything from dysentery and diarrhoea to cholera, typhoid and tuberculosis, these ubiquitous flying foes are not just pests but serious insect vermin.

Being highly mobile, flies can breed to plague proportions in a very short period of time. Especially as they feed indiscriminately on any solid food they can liquify, regardless of whether it’s already moist and putrefying or food stored for human consumption.

What you should do to deter flies?

Keeping flies away from food and food-processing areas is a must. The first step is to maintain hygiene to limit potential breeding sites and food sources. Domestic refuse should be covered, farm manure should be kept as dry as possible, and potential entry points should be screened, sealed or covered.

flies control

How we’ll protect you.

To help you reduce the flies in your home, office or workspace, Marks Pest Management Services will take measures to break their life-cycle, either at the larval or adult stage.

And if you’re planning a major event, we can provide both an effective management plan and the necessary infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of a fly swarm.

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