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Who doesn’t recognise that ominous, high-pitched buzz? This small but very pesky insect is one of the most common in Australia. But the mosquito’s bite is not only painful; it can be lethal. Throughout Australia, mosquitoes transmit diseases including dengue fever, Australian encephalitis, Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus. In recent decades, we’ve even seen malaria in this country, but – fortunately – only rarely.

Apart from that, the bites from persistent mozzies can disrupt and take the pleasure out of any occupational, recreational and social activity.

Know your enemy.

Within Australia, there are more than 300 different species of mosquito but only a few are the ones of major concern. Their life cycle is complex: the immature (wriggler) stage is totally aquatic and the adult is terrestrial. That’s why it’s important that if you do find mosquitoes, you empty any standing water around the garden, which they can breed in.

Most mosquitoes disperse less than two kilometres; in fact, some move just a few metres away from their original breeding place. But a few species can fly as far as 50 kilometres downwind from the larval habitats.

On average, a female mosquito will live two to three weeks; the male’s lifespan is shorter. Both feed on nectar and plant fluids, but only the female seeks blood as a protein source for egg development. Once deposited, the larvae can develop in just one to two weeks.

So: how do mosquitoes choose their victims? They’re attracted by a combination of different stimuli, including carbon dioxide, body odours, air movement or heat.

Upon landing, the female probes the skin for a blood capillary. Its projecting proboscis conceals the long piercing and sucking mouthparts. The first thing it does is inject a small amount of saliva containing chemicals which prevent your blood from clotting. This is often the way for potential pathogens to enter. Then, she gorges on your blood.

mosquitoes control

How we’ll protect you.

If mosquitoes are spoiling your lifestyle, consider the fact that they could also be endangering your life. Marks Pest Management Services can conduct a thorough inspection to locate and deal with the source of the problem.

Our highly trained staff use best-practice integrated pest-management methods for strategic control of mosquitoes. That way, we can avoid the overuse of pesticides and ensure reinfestation does not occur.

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