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Mould is a part of the fungus family and is present virtually everywhere, both indoors and out. Its ideal growing conditions are damp and poorly ventilated areas, which is why it loves any place in our homes that lacks adequate ventilation – especially old bathrooms – but also includes walls/wallpaper, ceilings, bathroom tiles, carpets (especially those with jute backing), insulation material and wood.

Know your enemy.

There are many different types of mould and all have the potential to cause health problems because of the tiny particles called spores it uses to reproduce. For anyone who is sensitive or allergic to them, these airborne particles can cause a running or blocked nose, irritation to the eyes and skin, and – sometimes – wheezing. If you have asthma, inhaling mould spores may cause an attack.

Occasionally, people can have a more severe reaction and, very rarely, even develop a mould infection, usually in the lungs. However, it’s important to note that most people will not experience any health problems from contact with mould.

mould control
How we’ll protect you.

Marks Pest Management Services can not only remove and clean mould, but also advise you on how to improve your ventilation and reduce a possible reoccurrence.

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