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One-Stop for Management Services to Deal with Every Kind of Pest

Any pest you can think of, Marks Pest Management Services can either prevent it from being a problem in the first place, control it, stop it dead in its tracks, clean up the mess and/or repair the damage it may have caused. This complete solution includes termites, birds, rodents, general pests and flying insects, as well for timber decay, clogged gutters, mould, dirty tanks and faecal bio-hazards. No problem is too big; no job too small.

general pests control

Integrated Pest Management

You can rest assured that Marks Pest Management Services uses the industry best-practice approach of integrated pest management (IPM). With a range of biological, cultural and chemical practices to choose from, we can customise the precise combination and solution to rid you of your pests and ensure they don’t come back. IPM is not only safe for humans and the environment, but also pets, livestock and property/infrastructure.

24/7 Emergency Call-Out Service

If you have a problem any hour of any day and it has to be fixed fast, call Marks Pest Management Services on 0435 919 214. If your call is either: on a weekday after 6.00 p.m. and before 7.30 a.m.; on a weekend; or on a public holiday (unless booked-in), emergency call-outs attract a fee of $200 for residential properties or $300 for commercial on top of the service cost. If you call during normal business hours, we’ll still respond promptly, though.

Monthly Service Tours for Rural NSW

Every month, we conduct a service tour through rural NSW using our own aircraft, qualified pilot and long-range service vehicles. So, if your problem isn’t urgent, you can take advantage of this affordable alternative by booking us to call in on your farm, rural town or mine site. Just call 1800 WE D BUG (1800 933 284). And if your problem is urgent, we can still fly or drive to you anywhere in New South Wales, but pronto.

Residential & Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

For accurate, honest and transparent visual inspections of your property, including for timber pests, call Marks Pest Management Services. With our well-trained eye, we’ll report anything that could cause you concern, saving you from buying a troublesome money pit or helping you negotiate a better deal on fixable problems.

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