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Marks Pest Management Services can provide a unique, professional and very experienced eradication team for all small and large scale vermin eradication programs. As we are a veteran owned company a large portion of our highly skilled shooters, pilots and ground crew come from a military and policing background, utilising their skills and experience for a good cause whilst providing gainful employment.

We use highly competent marksman with exceptional weapons handling skills and safety. We pride ourselves On our safe, professional service.

We can provide highly skilled, licensed shooters for most pest and vermin eradication programs. From Commercial property Pidgeon eradication services to wild pigs, foxes, cats and more for our mining,

pest vermin eradication sservices

Government and Primary producer/agricultural customers.

For our large scale Primary producer/agricultural and government customers. We have teamed up with a skilled and reputable aviation provider to ensure our quality, service and safety takes precedence.

We pride ourselves on delivering a safe, humane and ethical eradication service. Fully insured, operating with all appropriate certification.

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