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Marks Pest Management Services can conduct an integrated control program to eliminate rats and mice from your home or business, even mounting large-scale responses to deal with plague proportions on industrial and rural properties.

Know your enemy

The name ‘rodent’ comes the Latin rodere, meaning ‘to gnaw’. And that’s what makes rodents such as the common house mouse, the roof rat and Norway rat so destructive in pantries, property, storage and infrastructure, with their seemingly insatiable appetite. But, of course, what they don’t eat, they spoil.

In 2003, for example, it was estimated that the amount of rice lost to rats and mice in Asia would be enough to feed 200 million people.

Apart from their voracious consumption, however, rodents also carry deadly diseases and parasites with them as they reproduce and spread with equal rapidity, posing a significant risk to human health wherever they go.

Hence, if you find evidence of rats and mice within your home, farm or workplace, you really should consult Marks Pest Management Services to ensure the health and safety of all humans, pets and livestock.

rodent control
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