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Whilst lots of spiders are harmless to humans and play their role in the environment, Australia does have more than its fair share of poisonous species. And those that are can pose a real health and safety risk in and around your home or workplace. As luck would have it, our home base in the Sydney basin is where one of the most feared and deadly spiders of all lives.

The Sydney funnel-web

Usually found within a 100-kilometre radius of Sydney, this member of the Australian funnel-web spiders is capable of causing serious illness or death in humans if left untreated. Its glossy body can range from one to five centimetres in length, with dark colouration that can appear blue-black, black, brown or a dark-plum hue.

Their name comes from the distinctive silk-lined funnel, which they build at the tubular entrance to their tunnels, from which irregular trip-lines radiate over the ground.

If you do discover either a Sydney funnel-web or mouse spider (which should also be considered dangerous) please call us and we will remove it free of charge. Every live specimen we catch is delivered to the Australian Reptile Park, where it’s milked to produce their antivenom.

The Sydney funnel web

Please do not try to catch these poisonous spiders; isolate them and call us. If bitten by a Sydney funnel-web spider, you should seek immediate hospital treatment as a medical emergency.

How we’ll protect you.

Marks Pest Management Services can spider-proof your home and workplace with a 12-month service warranty on all external spider treatments.

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