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certified term seal aus termite barrier systems installer

Marks Pest Management Services is a registered and certified Term-Seal Australia Termite barrier systems installer.

For all your Termite barrier and Termite management System solutions please give us a call. We service new and existing builds and we can also provide Termite management Products, Systems and services for extensions and granny flat builds. If you have any question please give us a call for a no obligation free quote.

For termite inspections, termite infestation management and control, or installation of termite-proof barriers for new and existing homes.

Our Termite Services

Marks Pest Management Services conducts:

  • termite inspections
  • termite infestation management and control
  • installation of termite-proof barriers for new and existing homes, and
  • certification

Are You at Risk of Termite Damage?

Houses near natural bushland often have termite nests nearby and have the highest potential for infestation or attack.

How To Protect Your Home

If you live in a termite-prone area, we recommend you:

  • build with naturally resistant or treated timbers
  • install chemical or physical soil barriers, and
  • conduct an annual inspection.

Know Your Enemy

Out of the 258 described termite species in Australia, just four cause the greatest concern as wood-damaging species.

Whilst limited to the tropical areas of northern Australia, this termite has the greatest potential for destruction. It attacks any wood in contact with the ground including shrubs and trees, as well as paper, leather, clothing and other materials.

This introduced species is considered the world’s worst termite pest. It’s been found in Brisbane and Sydney, as well as other areas occasionally. Not only can it eat even very small timber objects and leave few external signs of damage, but it can also quickly displace native termite species, survive in quite dry conditions, and is easily transported. If found, it should be reported to the relevant government authority.

Overall, our country’s most destructive species. It’s distributed throughout Australia and uses tree stumps, living trees, spaces under buildings and even walls as nesting sites. From its nest, it can attack any wooden structure within a 50-metre radius via underground tunnels. Although they usually need soil contact, some nests have been found several floors up in city buildings and on wooden boats.

A common species that nests in Sydney’s coastal bushland. It forms distinctive ball-shaped nests that are especially abundant in the years following major bushfires, as it mainly nests in stressed trees. It can also damage fences, poles and wood on the ground, but it rarely attacks buildings.

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